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Posted By Calgary-Face-Painter

A Great Big Thanks to Lynne McKay for coming all the way from Scotland to run a face painting workshop here in Calgary!  Thanks also to Liz for helping to coordinate it.


I sure wish I could have stayed for both days because the practice with brush strokes and learning some great new designs was so much fun and useful.  Lynne is living proof that "Those who can do - teach".  She is an excellent face painter and a wonderful, patient instructor who takes the time to make sure everyone is getting it right before moving on to the next steps.  Even though she is super nice, she was also able to politely keep the class on track and the students motivated and well-behaved! :) 


Had a chance to do a bit of practicing at my face painting job in Auburn Bay, Calgary this afternoon.  Did a little practice on shading on swirls as well as implementing the butterfly body design that Lynne suggested.


Can't wait to try out more of the skills Iearned!Self-painted Butterfly Face


I almost forgot to mention how great it was to meet many of the other Calgary Face Painters at the workshop.  It was very inspiring to have a group of professionals support and encourage each other.

Posted By Calgary-Face-Painter

On Sunday, Facial Expressions was priviledged to work at the Calgary Maple Sugar Festival.  This is a fantastic free family-oriented festival organized by ACFA Régionale de Calgary.   You can learn more about this organization by visiting


The Calgary Maple Sugar fesival offered many wonderful opportunities for fun, such as ice skating, maple taffy pulling and tasting, live music, sumo wrestling, bouncy slides, and of course, face painting.


Our 2 Facial Expression face painters, Lauren and Colette also want to give a GREAT BIG thank you to Zinha, Michelle and Celine for having us out to paint faces and for taking such good care of us with hot chocolate and the yummy lunch!


I've included some pictures of the event in general as well as some of the fun faces we painted. 


Does anyone know the name of the Moose Mascot?


The Hoola Hoop performers were fantastic.  For more information about their performances, classes and custom-made hoola hoops visit


As you can see from our Face Painting photos from the Calgary Maple Sugar Festival, the kids came up with all kinds of creative ideas for their fun transformations.  If I didn't know about angry birds yet - I do now!Basic Rainbow Butterfly
Angry Bird
Maple Sugar Lion
Pucker Up! Fish Face Painting
Imaginative Cat Face Painting
Holy hoola hooping!
Maple Fest Bouncy Slide
Su-much fun!
Calgary Maple Sugar Moose