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Posted By Calgary-Face-Painter

Facial Expressions has a face painting, glitter tattoo and airbrush tattoo booth located in front of Winners, on Stephen Avenue, in Calgary, AB.  Our face painter as well as our glitter tattoo and airbrush tattoo artist will be working here for the duration of the 2012 Calgary Stampede. 


Since the start of the Calgary Stampede, both big and little kids have been getting transformed - through face painting -  into lions, butterflies, super hero(ines) and more...


Furr-ocious Tiger Face Painting


In addition, Facial Expressions artists have been doing a lot of Western-Themed Glitter Tattoos such as Stallions, Horseshoes, Cowboy Hats and Cowboy Boots on native Calgary & tourists.  Many visitors to Calgary will be going home with many fun pictures & great memories.


Facial Expressions face painting, glitter tattoo and airbrush tattoo artists have been having a great time meeting people from Ohio, Chicago, Florida, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario & beyond.


Our most recent service - Airbrush Tattoos - is getting a huge positive response here on Calgary's Stephen Avenue.  People especially love our European Body Art System which allows us to create multi-coloured airbrush tattoo designs with ease and speed!

I wanna be a cowboy...
Skull and Cross Bones - Airbrush Tattoo for a Happy Pirate
Pretty Pinkies - Dove Airbrush Tattoo
Rainbow Coloured Celtic Knot Airbrush Tattoo
Airbrushed Dog Footprints Created During Calgary Stampede 2012

We hope that Calgarians and Tourists alike will Saddle Up and git on down to Stephen Ave where our line-ups are guaranteed to be shorter than the ones on the Stampede Grounds.

Posted By Calgary-Face-Painter

The idea for the eye lid painting came from the customer.  He described what he wanted and I tried to translate that into a face painting design.  The result was a kind of creepy looking manikan!Eye was inspired
Man or Manikan?

Man or Manikan?