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Posted By Calgary-Face-Painter

Thank you for Purchasing one of our Do It Yourself Glitter Tattoo Kits!


Step 1: Use alcohol to clean the area where you wish to place the glitter tattoo.


Step 2: Peel off the backing on the stencil  you have chosen.


Step 3: Place the stencil where you wish - please keep in mind that the stencil must lay flat.  To acheive this, the person receiving the stencil must remain completely still.


Step 4: Peel the clear adhesive while keeping the black stencil on the skin.


Step 5: Apply a thin layer of cosmetic glue using the enclosed q-tip or brush.


Step 6: Wait for the glue to turn clear.


Step 7: Use your fingers to pick up the glitter from the jar & gently sprinkle or place on the inside of the stencil.  - Horizontal surfaces work best.


Step 8: Gently peel of the stencil. Wait for the glue to dry and they blow or brush off.  Any remaining excess glitter will fall off or wash off naturally. - the stencil can be used again if it can be replaced on the white backing.


Taking care of your tattoo:

Wash around and pat dry

Avoid friction over the tattoo


The duration of the tattoo will vary according to skin type, friction and other factors.


Enjoy your tattoo! 


***If you have any concerns about sensitive skin or allergies, please do not use this kit.

****The tattoos can easily be removed with alchohol.


View some samples of glitter tattoos at:


or at