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Posted By Calgary-Face-Painter

Created a custom airbrus tattoo to replicate the one worn on the scalp by the Son's of Anarchy TV Character, Juice.Custom Son's of Anarchy Juice Airbrush Tattoo

Posted By Calgary-Face-Painter

Celtic Knots Temporary Airbrush Tattoo
Airbrush Tattoo in Action
3 small tattoos create a bigger meaning
Wolf Airbrush temporary Tattoo
Facial Expressions started offerering Airbrush Tattoos during the Calgary Stampede.  We have been amazed at how quickly this part of our Calgary-based business has grown.  Our airbrush and glitter tattoo artists have been busy working alongside our Calgary Face Painters and Balloon Twisters. 


There are many advantages to having Facial Expressions do airbrush tattoos at your birthday party, corporate Christmas Party, Grand Opening & other celebrations.


  • Airbrush Tattoos are waterproof and will last from 3 - 7 days with proper care.
  • Airbrush Tattoos speed up line-ups as they can be  completed in as litte time  as one minute. (multiple coloured designs may take 2)!
  • Airbrush Tattoos appeal to men and women, just as much as they do to boys and girls (we have desings to appeal to everyone).
  • With only 10 days lead time - we can have custom stencils made so that it is YOUR Calgary  company airbrush tattoo logo that customers and their friends will continue to look at long after the party is over.
  • A great option for evening events because our Airbrush tattoos won't have to be washed off at bed-time - so kids won't be disappointed.
  • Facial Expressions even offers semi-permanent airbrush tattoos in UV or glow colours that will glow under UV lighting - hugely popular in Calgary nightclubs and teen parties.
  • Our Airbrush Tattoo stencils come in a range of sizes from a 1" square design to patterns which cover a whole arm.

Edleun, Calaway Park, Back Alley Night Club, Make-a-Wish Foundation Calgary & Fairmont Sunchaser Resorts are just a few our our happy clients.


We even take appointments for Calgary  teens and adults who want to try out the idea of a real tattoo or who would rather wear a different tattoo each week!


Check out to get more information about our personal appointment options.