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Posted By Calgary-Face-Painter

Face Painted Angels Shine at Calgary Parties
At Facial Expression, our face painters continue to work on holiday designs.  Many events during this time of year are Christmas and Holiday parties hosted by large corporations, unions and community associations.  This, in turn, means that many events will have hundreds of kids in attendance  - all anxiously awaiting to be transformed into magical holiday creatures and gorgeous walking works of art. 


Thanks goodness, Facial Expressions as a fantastic team of Calgary and Lethbridge-based face painters since many events require 3 plus painters in order to provide a fun experience for kids and their parents.  After all, does anybody like waiting in a long line-up?


In order to deal with the increased numbers during this holiday season in Calgary, Facial Expressions and many other face painters in Calgary have adopted the practice of providing half a dozen choices from which children (and some adults)  can choose their face painting design.  All of the Facial Expressions Calgary and Lethbridge-based painters will be able to face paint these same designs so that all children feel they are being painted "equally".


Of course, any of the designs Facial Expressions develops for such large holiday parties are easily enhanced for smaller scale Christmas and holiday parties.  This is achieved with the addition of details such as outlining, shading, sparkles and even the application of "jewels" to the skin. 


Any Calgary corporation or organization that is planning a large-scale Holiday party for staff, members and clients can be confident that the face painting team at Facial Expressions has the experience and ability to handle large crowds with ease.


Posted By Calgary-Face-Painter

Ahhh or Ugh..... Winter has arrived in Calgary in the fall!  It seems appropriate though as Facial Expressions' Calgary face painters have begun to refine and develop Christmas and holiday season designs. 


We are the only face painting company in Calgary that will send face painting elves and even Mrs. Claus to face paint at Calgary corporate parties and family events.

One of Facial Expressions Calgary Face Painting Elves
Face painted winter princesses reign at Calgary Christmas Parties
Santa Claus face painting in Calgary

Posted By Calgary-Face-Painter

Facial Expressions face and body painters of Calgary had a busy Sunday working together to create some new glow-in-the dark face and body art designs!  Working with special UV Aquacolour Face Paints, we worked on a variety of ideas which would appeal to both, men and women.

Based on our  experience as the official Face Painters at Calgary's Back Alley Night Club Glow Parties we knew that a lot of guys LOVE to try out Face Painted 'Masks" inspired by their Favourite WWF and WWE wrestlers. And of course, who can forget all those requests for Kiss - inspired face paint.

We came up with some Glam rock and Mardi Gras mask designs for the ladies!  Butterflies, trailing flower vines and flying hearts are perpetually favoured by girls - big and small!

Check out our Glow Party Album at!  We will be adding to it over time and can't wait to snap more great pics of Glow in the Dark Face and Body Paint Designs this Thursday, November 10th at the Glow Party at The Back Alley Night Club in Calgary!  Hope to see you there!

For more information about Glow or UV face painting or to book the Facial Expressions Face Painting Team for your Calgary event, festival, rave or birthday party please email Glow in the Dark Face and Body Painting